Lamb and Beef Tripe Bulk Size


A complete and wholesome meal of coarse cut lamb and Beef tripe.

45% lamb tripe, 45% beef tripe, 5% beef offal, 5% beef liver.

We are switching to resealable bags – easier to ship and less hard plastic

Exactly the same recipe as our ready meals – in a larger size!

Available in two sizes for even better value.  Raw dog food in bulk sizes.

Approx sizes are: 1.5KG – 18cm x 18cm x 10cm tall.    3KG – 18cm x 18cm x 17.5cm tall.

A tasty meal with coarse minced lamb and beef tripe.  We prepare all our meat, the fresh ingredients come from a local farm and coarse minced on site.

Easy to use, just thaw, open and serve.

Once thawed, use within three days.  Keep in the fridge in the resealable container.  The best value way to serve your dog our quality raw dog food.

The perfect solution for the discerning pet owner.


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A brand new way of feeding your dogs the best!

Our high quality meals – just in a larger size!
We take only the best ingredients, prepared by us, each meal is hand filled sealed and blast frozen to preserve all the goodness.

Thaw – Open – Serve

It’s as easy as that.

Order today before 1pm and receive your order tomorrow.


Complete Meals

A complete meal contains all the ingredients and nutrients needed to maintain your dog’s health.  These meals are designed to be given as a single food source without the need for supplements. This is generally the easier option because you know your pet is getting all the right nutrients in the correct amount.  All bone content is shown on each product.

Complementary Diet

Our complementary meals can be added to with another type of pet food such as bones, vegetables or dry food.  You have the freedom to choose to mix complimentary and complete meals with your own additions for your own dog’s enjoyment.  We offer a range of boneless meals that work really well if your dog enjoys eating bones separately.



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