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How much do I feed my dog based on 3 sizes?

Use 2.5% of your dogs weight as a starting point.

Raw Made Simple ready meals come in convenient 250g, 500g & 750g sizes. If you find your dog falls midway between 2 meals you can do one of two things:-

1… Feed a smaller meal and make up the weight by adding a lamb bone or a little extra from one of our tripe only meals.

2… Feed a bigger meal and the next day feed a smaller meal.

So long as you calculate the weight over a week it should be fine. Remember that in the wild they would feast & famine so feeding a little less will not hurt them because the next day they get a little more.  Just like humans, every dog is different.  Only you will know what is right for your dog by monitoring its weight.

The best raw dog food by far!

At Raw Made Simple we only use the best human grade ingredients to produce hand made gourmet ready meals for dogs.  Our raw dog food is of the highest standard, coarse cut and minced on site.  We use local farms here in Essex to provide us with the best raw meat for our raw pet food.

Order today and get it tomorrow.  If you need your dog food fast, then we are the best raw dog food provider to use.  For extra convenience we also offer a click & collect service from our office at CM9 8BY.  Order you raw pet food online and collect from us the following day.

Our ethos is to only use raw meat that we would feed our own dogs, we use local Essex farmers and suppliers to ensure the that only fresh meat goes into our dog food.  Our customers keep coming back – so we know we are producing great dog food!