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Why Raw?

We are passionate about feeding our dogs food that we can recognise and we know is good for them, something that is purely natural and most importantly they are going to enjoy eating.

The results spoke for themselves!

  • Fresh Breath
  • Better Teeth
  • Glossy Coats
  • Reduced Allergies
  • Less Wind

A different meal every day, course minced lovely textured food made from the best quality ingredients. Everything your dog needs in a convenient hand made ready meal.

Thaw – Open – Serve
As easy as 1-2-3

What our customers say

“I can't recommend Raw Made Simple enough, my French Bulldog has always suffered from terrible food allergies and after a long time of being told by our vet NOT to give him raw food, we tried it. He had sores on his body and was starting to lose patches of fur despite him being on a vet-recommended hypoallergenic diet. After despairing of vet bills and our dog's poor health, we finally moved to feeding him food from Raw Made Simple and within about a week his symptoms went away. He has been on raw food for 2 months now and is symptom-free, for the first time in over 2 years. The service at Raw Made Simple is excellent and they have been really helpful when answering questions over the phone. Thank you so much, my dog Louis loves dinner time and he looks healthier than ever!“

— Steph from Hampshire

“I've ordered a few times from Raw Made Simple - the dogs love it and so do I. I like that it's so fresh and you can clearly see the quality and content of each meal. Great packaging and so convenient to use.“

— Natalie from Studham