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Raw Made Simple offer a range of high quality, convenient, premium raw dog food ready meals.

Hi, my name is Kay, and I’m the founder of Raw Made Simple, raw dog food.  As a passionate dog owner and breeder I have spent years looking for the right food for dogs.  I have been raw feeding for many years and I have really noticed a difference in my own dogs health.  I know that handling raw meat and preparing meals is not easy for everyone but we all want what is best for our pets.  Some might say my dogs eat better than me!

Using my first hand knowledge I have developed a range of high quality convenient ready meals.  Using only the best human grade local meat with no added vegetables or grains, getting back to a natural diet, made especially for dogs.

Raw Made Simple are an independent producer, working to the highest standards in a purpose built processing plant, developed for human standard food.  Raw Made Simple ready meals are made in house, maintaining the highest standards and quality we want for our pets. Local ingredients are collected daily, using our own vehicle, to ensure finished frozen meals are prepared within 48 hours.  Only the freshest meat for our dogs!

We feel that plain tubs of mince are just not good enough.  With our ready to serve dog bowls, simply thaw, open and serve.  No touch, no preparation and no mess.  Just the perfect nutritional meal for your dog.  Raw Made Simple are fully DEFRA approved 13/373/8103 ABP/PTF and continually check and test our products and suppliers to ensure your dog will be as healthy as ours.

Watch our panel of experts testing Raw Made Simple ready meals…

Customer Service

Just like you, the care of our pets is vitally important.  We realise that you only the want the best and you want it quick and easily delivered to your door.  Give us a try today and you won’t be disappointed.  You can expect great service from us, we ship daily and we only sell direct.

For great customer service and locally sourced, premium raw food for your pets, you have come to the right place.