Beef marrow Bones 2 pack

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Large Beef Marrow Bones  – 100% Beef, nothing added gives your dog the best Beef Bones.

Give your dog a great treat with this lovely marrow bone.  Fresh into us, cut, packed, and frozen to maintain the best quality.  Sold in packs of 2.  

Due to the nature of this product, sizes can vary.

Locally sourced from a nearby farm, you can’t get any better!

We prepare all our meat; the bones are sourced locally, packed, and frozen on-site.

Kay’s Tips

These bones are a great treat. But once they have eaten all the marrow, please remember to take it away from your dog. Do NOT leave your dog to chew on the bone as they are a weight-bearing bone and could potentially splinter. These are used to make bone broth, which you cook for a few days in the slow cooker. Add a splash of Apple cider vinegar with mother to get all the goodness out. When cool, remove the bones, pour into small molds or ice cube trays, and freeze down. These can then be popped out onto meals for a treat. 



2 x Large Beef Marrow Bones

Giving your dog the best beef Marrow bones.

Moisture 26%, Protein 25%, Fat 11%, Ash 29%, Fibre 3%

We collect our marrow bones daily from the local abattoir; they are booked in and packaged the same day, so they are Freshly frozen – Only the Best!

Due to the nature of this product, sizes can vary. This is a pack of 2 large beef marrow bones.

A good way to feed a bone is to keep it frozen as it’s more effort for your dog; this makes him physically & mentally tired.

Dogs love the marrow in the middle; once this is gone or your dog has lost interest, remove the bone. This is because the bone is a weight-bearing bone, so it must be fed supervised; you do not want your dog biting or chewing on it for a long time just in case it does splinter.







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