Chicken Necks 500g

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Chicken Necks 500g

 Chicken Necks  – 100% Chicken, nothing added.

Give your dog a great treat with these lovely meaty Chicken necks.  Fresh into us, cut, packed, and frozen to maintain the best quality.  

Locally sourced from a nearby farmer, you can’t get any better!

We prepare all our meat; the bones are sourced locally packed, and frozen on-site.

These treats are high in protein, which is great for bone growth and tissue repair. It is also full of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint health. High in Taurine for cardiac, eye health, and immune system. Good for teeth cleaning! 



Chicken Necks 500g

Check out our range of purely natural frozen treats.

Our Raw Made Simple Chicken necks are all-natural dog treats—great for dogs.

Moisture 64%, Protein 16%, Fat 14%, Ash 2%, Fibre 0.7%




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