Rachel from Billericay

Just wanted to say how impressed I was with my first delivery.
It arrived as promised, next day – I still can’t believe you don’t charge for next day delivery, my old supplier charged just over £9 for delivery!
I was impressed with the clear label for the delivery driver – if a relief driver is covering this route we don’t tend to get deliveries on time so the fact the label was so clear as to the instructions I was very pleased.
My three tried the tripe this morning and I can’t tell you how impressed with the meat I was! Nothing like what I have been feeding and my dogs, one of which is a fussy eater, went crazy for it.
I was hesitant to change food as, with having a fussy eater, it’s always a worry but I am so pleased I have. Not only are we now going to be saving some money each month, the quality of my dogs food has increased tenfold. I am so looking forward to opening the chicken.
Thanks for such a great product.

Darren from Waltham Cross

My Rotts have been on raw for a while now .. their coats are soft and shiney teeth are white and strong energy levels through the roof muscle mass incredible even their toilet habits have changed for the better !! I really can’t recommend raw made simple enough !! if your dogs aren’t eating this change it so they are !!! thank you guys keep up the fantastic quality of your products …

Steph from Hampshire

I can’t recommend Raw Made Simple enough, my French Bulldog has always suffered from terrible food allergies and after a long time of being told by our vet NOT to give him raw food, we tried it. He had sores on his body and was starting to lose patches of fur despite him being on a vet-recommended hypoallergenic diet. After despairing of vet bills and our dog’s poor health, we finally moved to feeding him food from Raw Made Simple and within about a week his symptoms went away.

He has been on raw food for 2 months now and is symptom-free, for the first time in over 2 years. The service at Raw Made Simple is excellent and they have been really helpful when answering questions over the phone. Thank you so much, my dog Louis loves dinner time and he looks healthier than ever!

Kevin from Cleveland

So after trying around 6 other raw food suppliers including ones that are in countrywide pet shops.

I can honestly say I have also done DIY and I was a chef for 20 years and I can’t beat Raw made simple my dogs ( French bulldogs ) love it always finish the meal and are looking for more. I have tried all of the products now and I am on my 5th happy order.

Packing is great storage is great on these ready meals it really is Raw made simple.

I am a happy returning costumer and will Be for some time I see no issues.

Keep doing what your doing which is honest hand made dog food which is better than even my DIY.

Moves are not sloppy they are chunky and you can see what they are.

My top tip is using there bowls the ready meals clip into them and are fixed in place. The bowls are sold and dogs can’t chuck them around and make mess.

If your looking to start Raw feeding or for a new supplier you have a one stop shop right here with next day delivery.

Keep up the good work and thank you for all what you do

Susan from Lincoln

I just wanted to say thank you for the ease of your website and quick delivery of our dogs raw bones, they absolutely love them and will definitely be re-ordering.

Vicki from Darlington

Thanks for your great service, we’ve just received our order. I also got help from my 2 very eager Border Collies to unpack it all, who can’t wait to taste it tomorrow

John from Heybridge

We just took in our second delivery and are so pleased with the quality of the food and packaging. Great assortment of food, Max has something different every time. Just just polished off the new Mackerel meal, gone in a flash! Great service too, thanx RMS.

Caroline from Witham

Wow quality of food is absolutely amazing this is what I call dog fine dining, the food is absolutely first class, chunky and excellent quality. Service is first class, both times I have ordered on click and collect and both times we have had a phone call asking if we would like delivery such fantastic service and the delivery is free; thank you

Zoe from Witham

We have 2 dogs that suffer with skin problems and are so fussy. We have tried so many things and have turned to raw too. 1st meal and the dogs scoffed it down. Kay was so helpful and informative. Wonderful company.

Fiona from Southminster

First meal, one word – gone! I have a fussy crew of five so that’s no mean feat. The first thing I liked on opening the packs was the mince texture, my dogs loved this compared to other brands we have tried. Also love the concept of such simple feeding system, no mess, no fuss and they can even each have a different meal to their own tastes without any hassle