Duck Feet 10 Pack

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Duck Feet 10 Pack –  nothing added gives your dog the best natural treats.   

Simply 100% natural dog treats. Unsmoked and no added spices or flavouring, no grains, wheat, soy, corn, gluten, or fillers; a healthy treat, perfect for dogs with allergies. 

Duck feet are a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which may have anti-inflammatory benefits and boost joint health. They are also a great source of protein, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus, which strengthen the immune system and are essential for puppies and growing dogs. Duck feet are digestible, high in protein, and relatively low in fat. They can also act as an edible and fully digestible toothbrush supporting gum and dental health.




Supplied in clear bags, store frozen. 




Duck Feet 10 Pack

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Our Raw Made Simple Duck Feet are all-natural dog treats—great for dogs with allergies.

Moisture 60%, Protein 18%, Fat 11%, Ash 11%, Fibre 1.4%







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